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University of Wyoming
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Market Information

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Managing For Today's
Cattle Market and

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Market Information

Commodity Futures & Options
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Kansas City Board of Trade
Chicago Board of Trade
Mid-America Exchange
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Futures Industry Institute
Historical Futures & Options Prices

Cash Prices & Agricultural Outlook
USDA Agricultural Marketing Service - Cash Price Quotes
Livestock and Crops Outlook - Kansas State University (Click on K-state Livestock & Crops Newsletters)
Wheat & Cattle Outlook - Oklahoma State University
Livestock Current Situation & Analysis - Livestock Marketing Information Center
Iowa State University - Market Outlook
World Agricultural Outlook Board - USDA

Weekly Weather & Crop Bulletin
Market-moving Weather
National Weather Service - Central Region Headquarters
Intellicast - USA Weather

National Agricultural Statistics Service
USDA Economic Research Service
USDA Home Page
FEDSTATS- Statistics for over 70 Federal Agencies
International Trade Administration

Educational Information
Agricultural Market Information Virtual Library
AGECON Virtual Library
Western Extension Marketing Committee
Food Marketing Policy Center
Agricultural & Food Policy Center - Texas A&M
AgriGator - University of Florida
University of Wyoming- Ag & Applied Economics Publications
The International Link
Market & Outlook Publications - Oklahoma State University
Institute of Agriculture & Resources - University of Nebraska
Cooperative State Research, Education & Extension Service - USDA
Direct Farmer Marketing - USDA AMS


Risk Management

National Ag Risk Education Library
Risk Management Education Publications - USDA
WWestern Risk Management Library


UW Ag & Applied Economics

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